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Live Betting is also known as In-play betting and it’s a relatively new development in the online sports betting world.

Live betting lets you place and adjust wagers while the games are in session. The market open and closes during various segments of the game.

Live Betting requires the bettor’s full attention for the length of the game and also requires you to be reactive to the on screen developments.

This dedication and focus is why many sports bettors rarely do well in in-play betting. If you wish to sit back and enjoy the game, rather make standard bets. If you are serious about making In-play betting work for you, read on.

The Best Live Betting Sports

Live Betting can essentially be brought into any sport that features multiple stages or multiple segments, quarters or halves. Commonly Soccer, Basketball, American Football and hockey are very popular with live bettors.

Live Betting Takes any sport to another level, but as stated above, it requires a lot of dedication and patience. A thorough knowledge of your chosen sport is also basically essential.

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Getting Started

Live Betting is pretty simple to get into. Punters make wagers on various bets offered. These can include most goals scored, outright winner, most penalties and more.

The wagers can also get more involved to include spread bets that cover team performance during certain sections in the game, for instance wagering that a game will score a goal in the second half.

Punters new to Live Betting generally go for over/under betting as this is easier to get into and will be familiar to most bettors.

Once you have gotten into in play betting, try and diversify your wagers so that you can ether earn some extra payouts or cover any losses with side bets.

Live Betting Strategy

Live Betting can be exciting but also stressful. The amount of preparation and strategy is no different than regular sports betting, so live sports bettors need to walk in prepared.

Firstly it is essential to manage your bankroll according to your budget. In-play betting is the easiest way to gamble too much too quickly and it is so easy to start chasing losses.

Live Betting requires a cool head and a solid betting strategy.

Ideally you would also want to brush up on team stats and historical performances so that you can remain flexible and dynamic ion your betting approach.

Finding The Best Sites

If you want to get the fastest, live betting enabled sports betting sites, our recommended live betting sites are listed for your convenience.

We have gone online and vetted the best Live Betting sites that offer the best value for punters.

Live betting is a tough market due to the variables and tight margins, but at the same time it offers exciting, edge of the seat action.

Signing up to multiple sports betting sites allow you to take advantage of the best bets and offers from the world of sports betting, especially if you pick your sites from our recommend lists.

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