Boxing Betting Strategy Tips

Boxing is a combat sport fought between two opponents in a ring. Both boxers wear protective gloves and the winner is determined either by knocking the other opponent out or whoever has the most points after a predetermined set of rounds.

These rounds are usually between one minute to three minute intervals, between these rounds the competitors are allowed a brief rest to catch their breath and have a sip of water or even consult with their coach for a better strategy. The referee is the person who keeps the rules of the fight in play and will also be the judge if one of the boxers should not be fit to continue due to injury. Betting on boxing fights is popular all over the world as well as in New Zealand.

Betting on Boxing

Many online betting sites in New Zealand offer a variety of different wagers that can be accessed by using your computer or mobile device. These online sites offer other services to punters who wish to partake in some sports betting boxing, such as histories on the fighters as well as information on coaches and even tournaments.

Boxing is not as predictable as one would think as many factors can change the outcome of a fight, such as size, weight and speed of each opponent. Remember to do your research on each competitor before placing a wager on the fight.

Boxing Styles

There is a wide range of different boxing styles that should be researched when making a wager. Many of these styles can play an important role in how the boxer fairs against their opponents. For example, Lennox Lewis was a very tall boxer with long arms, which stood him in good stead when he was fighting against a shorter opponent. Knowing the physical styles of each individual fighter should play a role in how you wager. No matter how good a fighter is, if he can’t reach his opponent he will never win.

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Fighters History

Be sure when doing research on a specific boxing wager that you want to place that significant research is done on both boxers fighting history. Many fighters who have been in the fighting ring for a longer period could show signs of concussion, this will significantly slow a fighter down and cause his opponent to strike more times. If the fighter has a long fighting history chances are he has taken a lot of punches over the years, and this will affect his fitness and concentration levels. Take all of this into account when deciding who place your wager on at the next match.

Knock outs

Knock outs are a favourite boxing bet placed by punters in New Zealand who make use of boxing betting online. A knock out is when a fighter totally knocks out his opponent within an allotted time in a round.  A fighter will always be advertised by how many fights he has fought and how many knock outs he has won by. Once the opponent is knocked out the fight is over, so be sure to watch out for the boxer’s statistics regarding knock outs as it may seriously affect the outcome of a fight and your wager.

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