AFL Strategy

The AFL is the Australian version of the American sport of football. The AFL has fewer rules, and is also known as Aussie Rules Football. Aussie Rules betting is popular amongst punters from New Zealand as well as Australia, and has even spread to the rest of the world via online betting sites which cater for AFL betting.

AFL betting tips and AFL betting odds can all be found online on one of the various sites which offer betting on the sport. Wagering should be undertaken with a sound strategy in mind however if you wish it to be successful and lucrative. To do this there are a few AFL sports betting tips which can be followed.

Do Your Time

Spend the time on the internet looking up teams and players. Don’t just take other peoples words for granted, make sure that you have taken the time to look carefully at all players and teams, and the odds and handicaps which the bookies have placed on them. Remember that when placing a bet on a team, if you are going with a point spread bet it may not necessarily be the favourite who will be the most lucrative to back. Underdogs often have goods odds which can end up paying out more.

Don’t Get Emotional

AFL premiership betting can be an emotional thing to do. Many punters vehemently support their teams, even if their teams don’t really have a chance of winning. Be flexible when you back a team. Even if it isn’t your team, if the odds are good and they stand a chance of making you some money then backing them is worthwhile. Again, do your research beforehand however as AFL footy betting odds can change in a very short period of time.

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Choose Your Market

There are a large number of betting markets available online in New Zealand for AFL betting. Some of these are suited to beginners, and others are more complex and suited to more experienced punters. When choosing your market, make sure that you pick the correct skill level for your experience, in order to not get overwhelmed with decimal places, handicaps and other terminology unless of course you understand it.

AFL betting odds comparison can readily be found in order to help you choose which team or player you should back. These are online on the sane sites which you place your wagers with, many of which are written by professional tipsters. These tipsters make a living out of predicting what a particular game or team will do on the betting markets.

Try Live Betting

AFL live betting is specifically offered by online betting sites in New Zealand which stream the games directly to your computer or even mobile device. Live betting allows you to change your bet while you watch the game, updating it as things on the field happen such as injury or even high scores. Live betting is a good way to get into the game of AFL betting as it is in real time, and allows you to keep up and adapt accordingly. Many New Zealand betting sites offer AFL live betting as long as you fit their join up criteria.

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