Motorsport Betting

In New Zealand, motorsport betting is one of the most popular betting markets in the country. The term motorsports describes a variety of motorised competitive sports including motorbike racing, car racing and rally racing.

Together, they make up a significant portion of the online betting market around the world. The most popular form of motor racing betting is Formula 1 betting. Each race attracts thousands and offers punters plenty of betting action throughout the year. In the notes below, we are going to take a look at how motorsport betting works and what types of bets can be placed online.

For online betting purposes, motorsport betting can be split into four separate categories, these include:

  • Formula 1 Betting
  • V8 Supercar Betting
  • Moto GP Betting
  • World Rally Championships Betting
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Formula 1 Betting

Of all the motorised sports, Formula 1 is the most popular and attracts the most bets. There are a total of twenty one F1 Grand Prix races held throughout the year. At each Grand Prix, the drivers and the constructors are awarded points according to where they placed in the race. At the end of the year, the driver with the most points wins the driver’s championship while the constructors with the most points wins the constructors championship. In Formula 1 motorsport betting, punters can place bets on the winner of a particular race or a future bets on who will win the driver or constructor championship.

Moto GP Betting

Next to Formula 1, Moto GP is the most popular motorsport betting market anywhere in the world. The Moto GP is the most prestigious motorbike racing championship on the planet. Unlike formula 1, Moto GP races are held on purpose built tracks with riders earning points for every race. At the end of the year, the rider with the most points wins the Road Racing World Championship trophy. With Motor GP betting, punters can place bets on individual races as well as future bets on who will win the championship.

V8 Supercar Betting

In New Zealand and Australia, the third most popular form of motorsport betting is V8 Supercar betting. With Supercar racing, there are two distinct types of races. These include sprint races and endurance races. The Supercar season consists of 14 races which are mostly held in Australia. The V8 cars are based on the classic Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores. Again, punters can place bets on individual race winners or championship winners.

Rally Betting

In New Zealand, rally betting is also extremely popular. Online rally motorsport bets are placed on the World Rally Championships or WRC. Rally racing differs from other motorsports in that each race is held from point to point and not on a circuit. The World Rally Championships consist of 15 events that are run throughout the year. Each race is run over the course of three days and multiple stages. Drivers are started at intervals with the races run against the clock. With online motorsport rally betting, punters can place bets on an individual stage winner, the race winner or the championship winner.

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