National Football League (NFL) Betting Strategy

The National Football League (NFL) is a league of professional football players in the US and has 32 teams.  These teams are divided into two conferences, the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC).  There are 17 weeks in the NFL season that starts a week after Labour Day up until the week after Christmas.  Each team plays 16 games after which six teams from each of the conferences goes through to the playoffs and then on to the Super bowl which is the game played between the winners of the NFC and AFC.  The NFL Super bowl is one of the most watched events all around the world.

Types of NFL Bets

NFL betting is big business and knowing how each bet works will help bettors to make the right decision when placing NFL bets.

Point Spread

The most popular NFL bet is the point spread or line betting or sides.  For every game there is the underdog and the favourite to win.  The sportsbook will set NFL betting lines by picking a number of points the favourite will win by.  Bettors then place a wager on whether the team will have more points or whether they will have less points.

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The totals bet also known as an over/under bet is when bettors place a wager on whether the teams will score more or less points than the amount chosen by the sportsbook.  The sportsbook uses the combined total of both teams.


Another popular bet is moneyline NFL betting and with this bet bettors must try to predict which team will win a particular game.  This bet can be found on any NFL betting site and it differs from the point spread and totals bet as the NFL betting odds are different in comparison with the line of the first two bets.


Bettors have the convenience of being able to place NFL bets online.

A teaser is between two and ten bets where bettors can alter the point spread or totals or a combination of the two in their favour with a lower payout in return.  If the teaser incorporates a point spread bettors can lower the spread for the favourite to win or they can increase it for the underdog.  If the teaser incorporates a totals bet, bettors can add to the under or take away from the over.  The teaser is similar to a parlay in that a win is only guaranteed if all the bets are won.


Futures betting offers different odds for NFL as bettor’s place bets on games that are to be played in the future and the chances of choosing the correct option are around 50% or lower.  Most of these bets are wagered on games played during a season and bettors will have to wait to know the outcome.  Futures are good NFL bets and are a popular NFL bet especially among recreational bettors.

The NFL is a great opportunity for serious bettors as well as beginners to place bets and making use of expert NFL betting strategy is the best way to place a bet and increase the chances of winning.

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