Privacy Policy

At (also referred to as “the company”, “we”, or “us”) we take your (the “user”) privacy seriously and are committed to protecting your confidentiality at all times. To ensure you understand what we do with your information we’ve created this policy and it forms part of our Terms of Use.

Collection of Information

Any information that we collect, including and not reserved to the browser you are using, the device you are accessing our site from, the sports betting site you sign up with and any other user activity you engage in will not be sold to any 3rd parties for marketing purposes. We reserve the right to utilise any data we gather lawfully for research purposes and we may disclose this data to other parties in the name of research or for statistical use.

We may also collect data such as your IP address and geo-location and will be regarded as personal information too.

Use of Cookies

We have the right to use cookies or any other type of technology that can track and monitor online information related to your visit. Both session cookies and persistent cookies may be used continuously, or from time to time, and third party cookies may also be utilised to transfer analytical data to third party companies who monitor web access. You are fully entitled to remove cookies by following the prompts from your web browser but if you opt to disable cookies your browsing options may be limited. We also reserve the right t run widgets and other data collection tools that collect non-personal information and help us refine and improve our services.

Use of Information

The information we collect may be used in one of the following ways:

  • To track users location
  • To track users usage and visits
  • To provide shared content facilities and tools
  • To communicate with users
  • To advertise services
  • To analyse user content
  • To conduct research
  • To test changes

We will not share, sell or distribute any personal information other than what we outline in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. We reserve the right to share any and all information with a third party if we need to comply with an applicable law, government process or legal request, or to take action on any illegal activities. We will also exercise our rights to share information if we need to collaborate with law enforcement or defend ourselves against a legal claim or prevent harm to you, other users, or us as the company.

At Your Own Risk

You acknowledge that when you make use of the services provides by you do so entirely at your own risk, and we cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or other occurrence that comes about from sports betting activities or related endeavours. We accept no liability for your use of any of the third party sites we endorse or recommend on any platform.

Our Privacy Policy may be updated from time, and if you have any questions we ask that you contact us.

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