Cricket Betting Strategy

Which cricket betting strategies do you use when you place games on your favourite cricket tournaments and matches? We think that when betting on cricket it is very important to have a thorough understanding of the different formats available to bet on before deciding a strategy.

Whether you are going to be betting on a five day international test, four day matches as seen in the English County games, or forty or twenty overs per side matches will certainly make a difference to the best cricket betting strategies you plan on using.

Can You Believe the Strategies Online?

There are numerous websites which offer supposed tips on betting on cricket and that are lauded to be the best cricket betting strategies that you could get, but many come at quite a high price to be able to access the promised information.   Whilst there may be some useful information on these sites, some contain very little information that truly helps, and it might be a better option to really get to know the teams and match formats well yourself, and formulate your own cricket betting strategies.

There are plenty of free resources to help you gather an informed sports betting strategy, many of the big sportsbooks offer free expert opinion on upcoming games.  Looking at the bookmakers’ odds can give you an idea of how play might go, and the New Zealand and international sports newspapers and television sports programmes offer a lot of in depth coverage and insider information on your favourite teams and players.

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T20 Cricket Betting Strategy

Also known as the Twenty20 format, this is now one of the most popular forms of cricket globally. What makes it so popular on online betting cricket sites is that punters can almost always ensure that they are guaranteed a return if they use a little insight.  This is because in such a short game as T20 cricket, each and every ball could potentially provide a marked shift in the odds.

When looking for online betting in cricket T20 match formats it is most useful to focus on the fun lines as the T20 format is certainly a batsman’s game. Also, keep an eye on the number of sixes that could possibly be scored in the match.

And looking at the bigger picture for T20 cricket betting it is important to have knowledge of the pitch and the previous T20 results there.  This will help you decide where to put wagers on cricket betting markets that consider the total runs scored.

ODI Cricket Betting Strategy

In this fast paced format taking into consideration the grounds and player statistics is vital to building up a good cricket betting strategy based on whether that pitch suits the balls or bats.  The top betting sites for cricket will no doubt give you current live odds, but as runs dominate these games make use of the batting lines offered during powerplay sessions.

Powerplay sessions usually result in a higher rate of runs scored than usual, and they happen in the first ten overs as well two additional blocks of five later on in the game.

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