Super Bowl Betting

In the world of online sports betting, American football is certainly one of the biggest betting markets across the globe. While not played locally in New Zealand, a major NFL game attracts millions of viewers and offers up plenty of betting opportunities. The National Football League (NFL) consists of a four-week preseason, a 17-week regular season and a 12-team playoff, all culminating in the grand final known as the Super Bowl. In the weeks leading up to the grand final, local online bookmakers will offer Super Bowl bets and NFL super bowl betting odds across the board.

The NFL Season

For punters who are new to the sport, the NFL consists of two separate conferences each containing 16 teams. These are the AFC and the NFC conference. The winner of each division automatically qualifies for the playoffs at the end of the year. The two non-division winners with the best record also get a chance to compete as a wild card team. Leading up to the Super Bowl, punters can place bets on any of the NFL regular season matches or playoffs.

The Playoffs

The NFL playoffs consist of four rounds which includes the wild card round, the divisional playoff, the conference championship and the grand final (Super Bowl). Once the playoff rounds are in full swing, bets for the Super Bowl will dominate local betting sites. In the USA and all around the world, the Super Bowl is considered to be the most popular single day sporting event in the world. The game itself is broadcast to millions of people all over the world and is responsible for one of the biggest betting days of the year.

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For New Zealand punters, the Super Bowl provides excellent betting opportunities for both novice and experienced punters. Super Bowl betting can take a number of different forms. The most commonly found online Super Bowl bets include:

Online Super Bowl Bets

  • Money Line Bet – A money line bet is the perfect bet for beginners. This simply involves picking the winner of the match. In a money line bet, the Super Bowl odds will be set as a line where the favourites are represented with lower odds and the underdog with higher odds.
  • Spread Bets – Spread betting is the most common type of Super Bowl betting option found online. This is where the online bookmaker will use a point spread to even out the teams. With spread betting, punters must predict whether the favourite will win by a certain margin or weather the underdog will win or lose by a certain margin.
  • Totals Betting – In New Zealand, totals betting is also known as over/under betting. This is where the online betting site will set the Super Bowl Betting line. This is the combined score of both teams in the game. Punters simply predict whether the score will be over or under the line set.
  • Futures bets – At the start of the AFL season, punters can actually place bets on the Super Bowl months in advance. With futures bets, punters can predict the winner of the grand final without knowing the qualifying teams. This is a riskier bet but one with a higher payout.


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