Online Novelty Betting For Beginners

Novelty Betting is a very popular way for sports bettors to have some fun side bets.

Novelty Betting is not a way to supplement your sports betting, instead it should be seen as a fun diversion simply because the topics to wager on are quite unpredictable events and they can go either way.

Finding The Best Sites

Novelty Betting can be done at many online bookmakers. The selection of bets and odds received can vary greatly as novelty bets do not exactly have a standard to compare them to. More than any other online wager, Novelty wagers can vary greatly in their odds between betting sites.

We offer you invaluable Novelty Betting assistance by offering recommended lists of the best betting sites for you to get the best value with novelty bets.

You can go online and trawl through all the sites out their trying to figure out which site worked for you, but it’s much easier just to trust our panel of experts.

Novelty Bet Examples

An example of some Novelty Betting can be found in the run-up to the Oscars or Grammy’s. These bets are not on major sporting events and instead are based on things going on in the world currently.

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Novelty bets can include wagers on a new president after a major election, a celebrity baby name and more.

These wagers are all unique, so telling bettors what to expect is quite a tough proposition. The uniqueness of the wagers are what makes them attractive but also difficult to judge.

Setting Out A Good Budget

Novelty Betting by its nature is a frivolous wager. If you take your sports betting seriously, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the occasional novelty bet, just make sure that it doesn’t eat into your regular sports betting budget.

Placing a wager on a novelty bet should be done with excess cash in your bankroll. It doesn’t matter what odds are offered, it is too difficult to make accurate, informed bets on novelty fixtures.

Using Online Advice Sources

It is not really simple to research Novelty Betting and compile a winning strategy. By their very nature they are bets on less than predictable events.

If you want to gain an edge when taking part in Novelty Betting, you fortunately have the internet to help you out.

No matter how ridiculous the novelty bet is, chances are you will possibly find some online information relating to the bet.

Use this to your advantage. You don’t have to go into a novelty bet blind by any means, but do not expect to find definitive answers.

Bonuses And Promotions

Novelty Betting does not just extend to a betting option on a site, but many times novelty bets are offered as a promotional bet.

There are many offers set out by online bookmakers to encourage new bettors to sign up. These offers can take the form of a cash bonus paid into your account or a free bet. Often these free bets are novelty bets based on upcoming events.

Novelty bets should not be seen as a regular way to place wagers. Instead as the name suggests, novelty bets should just be fun once off bets due to the unpredictable nature of them.

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