Baseball Betting Strategy

Although baseball is primarily an American ball sport, it is gaining popularity all over the rest of the world including New Zealand. Many punters enjoy placing a bet on the MLB, or Major League Baseball games. Major League games include teams from all over North America, including the United States and Canada. Betting on baseball is similar to betting on other ball sports such as cricket, although having a good working knowledge of the game is of course beneficial.

People place bets on sports for various reasons; they play the sport themselves, they have an emotional attachment to it, or there is a big event and everyone places a wager on it. Baseball betting is popular as games are played year round with the MLB Teams being almost as big as the teams in the NFL. Baseball betting online can be done from all over the world including New Zealand, which means that punters can still partake in the excitement of MLB baseball betting from wherever they are.

Choose Wisely

The most important thing to do when choosing a baseball team to back is to choose wisely. The best baseball betting strategies encourage punters to not simply go with the team which they know the best or have an emotional attachment to, but to actually do some real research and check which team may beat another. If you have a game with the Red Sox versus the Giants, you need to know which team usually prevails over the other, and not just wager on one blindly.

Team’s histories are available online on various sites which allow you to bet on baseball online. These sites will have a full register of which team is playing which, and how they have played in the past. There will also be a number of tips and baseball betting odds, which have been provided by professional tipsters. These are people who make a living from watching games and analysing outcomes and odds to predict who may win a World Series or even a smaller game.

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Understand The Money Line

The Money Line describes baseball betting odds. Odds are imposed on teams by bookies to make games more equal in terms of betting. The odds do not have any physical effect on the outcome of the game, but can have a huge effect on a wager. Before you venture into the world of baseball betting you need to be very sure that you understand these odds.

In every game there will be a favourite and what’s called an underdog. The favourite will begin the game with a minus next to their name, and the underdog with a plus. This essentially says that the favourite team begins the game on minus points, and has to make them up to beat the underdog team at the bookies. This ensures that punters bet on both teams, as even if the favourite wins they may not pay out bets.

Not all bookies or online betting sites will have the same odds on the same teams. Humans are not infallible, and each has their own opinion on how good a team is. This means that it really is in your best interest to shop around and look at a number of different sites before settling on one particular one.


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