Cycling Betting Strategy Tips

Cycling is a sport which has gained popularity in some countries and betting on cycling is available on most sports betting sites.  Bettors who reside in countries where cycling is popular will often know more about the sport as well as the participants.

Having access to the internet will assist bettors from all countries who enjoy betting cycling as there is a wealth of information available, not only on the cyclists but also what types of bets can be placed and all of the major events and conditions surrounding them.

Betting Strategy- Know the Betting Options

Various cycling bets can be found on sports betting sites and bettors will usually place simple wagers.  An example would be placing a bet on who will win a race.  These types of wagers are great for beginners or bettors who would not normally bet on cycling and who probably are not knowledgeable about the cyclists or events.  The formats that bets take are mainly moneyline bets, fractional odds and decimal format bets.

A straight up bet in cycling is also known as fractional odds and with this type of wager bettors must predict who will win a particular race.  An example of this would be if wagers on Lance Armstrong were 4 to 1 then for every $1.00 that is bet on Armstrong, the bettor would be paid out $4.00 for a win.

Moneyline wagers are another type of cycling bet and an example of this would be if the cycling betting odds are listed on the sports betting site as +500 it would mean that the bettor would win $5.00 for each $1.00 that is bet.  If the cyclist is a favourite to win then the cycling betting odds are usually lower.  Bettors will find that if they bet on the underdog the odds are much better.

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Decimal odds would mean that bettors must subtract 1 from the odds listed on the sports book which means that if Armstrong had a listing of $4.00 the bettor would win $3.00 for each $1.00 they bet.

Other cycling bets that are available are wagers the country the winning cyclist will come from or which cyclist will win a particular stage of a race.  These wagers will require bettors to have done some research on cycling and the cyclists to have a good chance of a win.

Betting Strategy- Check the Main Cycling Events

The main cycling events that take place are the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta d Espana.  The Tour de France is the most popular cycling race and draws much attention from cycling fans and bettors from all around the globe.  This event is hosted in France and usually takes place in July.  Cyclists usually cover about 3500 km over 23 days.  The race is done in stages and includes races within the main race and these classifications can also be bet on.  The Giro d’Italia takes place in Italy and runs for 3 weeks.  The Vuelta a Espana or Tour of Spain also runs for 3 weeks.  All of these races are part of the Grand Tours.

Top Cycling Strategy Betting Tips

It is important for bettors to look around for the best odds.  Having a good knowledge of cycling and the various cyclists will only be to a bettor’s advantage.  There is a wealth of information available online and bettors can also research the various races they can bet on.  Sports betting sites will list upcoming cycling races as well as winners of past races that will be helpful in gaining knowledge on a cyclist’s past performance.

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