Hockey Betting

In the world of sports betting, field hockey isn’t exactly the biggest betting market. Compared to ice hockey, it can really be considered a niche market, usually reserved for those dedicated sports enthusiasts who follow the sport.

That being said, hockey betting can be a great way to expand your betting repertoire during the summer Olympics and the World Championships. This exciting team sport offers multiple betting opportunities for both novice and experienced punters. In the notes below, we are going to take a look at how hockey betting works and the most commonly placed online hockey bets.

While not as popular as ice hockey, field hockey does have a fairly large fan base. In New Zealand, Australia and other common wealth countries, field hockey is played at school level all the way up to National level. For regular online hockey betting, most of the bets will be placed on the Hockey World League. This is an action-packed tournament consisting of four rounds. The tournament is played over the span of two years where the winning teams qualify for the Hockey World Cup and the Olympics.

Olympics and the World Cup

In New Zealand, hockey betting will reach its peak during the Olympics. All qualifying nations will compete for the gold, bronze and silver medals in both the woman’s and the men’s competition. At the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Argentina defeated Belgium in the men’s final to claim the gold medal. The bronze medal went to Germany who defeated the Netherlands in the third-place match. The second biggest competition in field hockey is the Hockey World Cup. Held every four years, the World Cup consist of 16 teams who battle it out to be crowned world champions.

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The Hockey Championships is another biannual hockey event where teams from all around the globe compete in a qualification tournament where the winners receive the trophy and bragging rights. To date, Australia have won the Championships 14 times with the 2016 Championships being their most recent win. When it comes to betting on a hockey match, there are many different types of bets that can be placed online. The most popular bet is a simple match bet. This involves predicting the wining team of a particular matchup.

Online Hockey Bets

With the Olympics and the World Cup, punters can place futures bets on who will win the Gold Medal or who will be the team that wins the World Cup. These bets can be placed months in advance. Match bets can also take the form of a point spread. This is where the two teams will be unevenly matched. Online bookmakers will then put a point spread to even out the betting on the day.

Before placing any large bet, there are a number of factors to consider. Like any team sport, it is essential to do as much research as possible about the teams, the players and the coaches. Factors that can influence the outcome of a match include where the match is played, player injuries, changes to the coaching staff and results of previous matchups.

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