Online Golf Betting Strategy

Since we help you find and compare the best betting suites, all you need to do is apply solid strategy to your wagering and big wins can be yours.

Golf is quite a simple sports and it features plays that can suddenly go wrong and ruin a player’s progress entirely.

That makes golf betting a high stakes online game and if you apply basic strategy you can always turn the odds more in your favour.

Our golf betting tips will help you get started, and then get better.

Using Betting Strategy

A solid betting strategy should never be a get rich quick scheme. There are many sites online where you can find supposed expert tricks and tips to make money on golf betting but at the end o the day, just like any sport, the results of events are very unpredictable.

You will only be ready to make serious golf bets once you understand player form, the course layout and the meaning of player statistics.

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Be Wary Of New Players

Inexperienced players who perform well but have yet to win a trophy is always a tempting bet for many sports bettors. The theory is that these players are the most hungry for victory.

This is debatably true but what you see more often than not is that most players perform bettor after they have won a trophy.

A win like this means that a players earns a semi permanent spot on future golf tours so he will not have to remain in the lower rankings fighting for the right to be on tour.

This usually means that players will become more confident and practice more to round out their game since they won’t have to constantly be golfing year round.

Study The Stats

Poring over player stats can be a tough job, but the additional information helps to inform your bets and make you a confident bettor.

Stats will help you determine a player’s odds of success on a particular course.

Say for instance the course requires a long drive from the first tee. You can check the long term or short term driving stats of the player you want to back online and attempt to make an informed decision.

It is usually simpler to check stats after you have made your golf betting picks as going by gut may be easier than trying to suss out a good player simply by looking at stats.

Study Player Form

Player form refers to how a golfer is currently doing in the game.

It is important to try and focus on players that have had consistent finishes in their last few tournaments and who have shown their competitive spirit.

Ideally you want a player who consistently remains in the top 20.

Study Their Form On Course

Most golf courses are used for the same tournaments each year. This means you will be able to see how a player has performed under similar circumstances on the same courses in previous years.

For instance if a player has had previous positive experiences on a particular course, then they will have a tendency to perform better at that course.

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